Yosemite National Park area B&B (B & B) - bed and breakfast A Yosemite National Park b&b lodging near Groveland A Yosemite area b&b lodging Yosemite Rose ranch - a b&b near close to Yosemite Special events weddings, luncheons, family reunions A b&b near Yosemite National Pak
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Yosemite National Park B&B
Yosemite Rose Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Lodging
Massage Therapy
b&b near Yosemite National Park area Yosemite Rose Massage Therapy Session
Daniel Faben, Licensed Massage Therapist
Relax: A sense of place is an arrival. It's being at the right place at the right time. It's a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Here at Yosemite Rose there is a service that encourages finding that sense of place: the tranquility and carefree quality of the mountains, the clean air and water, the quiet - at this Yosemite National Park B&B.

" The value of a great massage escapes only those who have never received one."

b&b near close to Yosemite National Park area Acupressure
Acupressure:  Enjoy Massage Therapy with Daniel Faben L. AC   (Licensed Acupuncturist) who has 25 years of experience. Massage helps you to become better acclimated and relaxed so that you may enjoy your valuable vacation time. The goals of freeing tension and resolving painful postural patterns are accomplished through varied techniques including oriental styles such as acupressure and shiatzu, as well as, deep tissue, and stretching. A Yosemite National Park B&B.

b&b near Yosemite National Park Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue:Headaches, grumpiness and poor sleep can spoil your vacation. Have Daniel give your energy and enthusiasm a jump start. He will work with you at Yosemite Rose in the privacy of your bedroom; and, appointments can be scheduled in the evening, so there is no conflict with daytime activities. A Yosemite area B&B.
b&b near close to Yosemite National Park
Swedish, Yoga, Acupressure, Accupuncture Deep Tissue, Pilates, Polarity, Zero Balancing

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Toll Free(866) 962-6548
22830 Ferretti Rd, Groveland, CA 95321
e-mail: info@yosemiterose.com
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